Shinto shrine, sushi, Golden Gai? That's not bad. but the real Tokyo hasn't been visited by many foreigners yet. 

The social salon in Tokyo is a place for both men and women to exchange information.

It's a place where you can see what's hottest and popular.  The rank changes like Billboard 100 depending on popularity in the audition format. 

They are constantly striving to provide new appeal as a sommelier, as a sushi chef, as a model, singer,and dancer.

 The owner is a lecturers at educational institutions with a Forbes magazine serialization corner, also a social salon host,  in another word, entertainer.

As you might know, the biggest club in Tokyo Warp Shinjuku this opportunity is huge!

you are able to get big bonuses.Exciting feeling guaranteed due to big guests and a variety of genre events at large venue.

besides, a fun way to enjoy Standing VIP while listening to ALL MIX.

Of course, you can enjoy a luxury VIP or rent a private party, too!!!

Enjoy the nightlife that you haven't seen yet. Enjoy local beer and gourmet food from all over Japan, and possible to be inclusive of popular sightseeing spots on your tour.

Please join us.
The basis of the world's entertainment driven by boys' groups is in this town.

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