SMAPPA!× Licensed Guide Volunteer Group
Presented by 歌舞伎町インバウンド部

This is BTS? NO Way !WE'RE SMAPPA!

The first buzz to give away the night contents of Kabukicho to the world starting this fall!

Kabukicho Inbound was literally established to have foreign visitors enjoy the night of Kabukicho.

Speaking of Kabukicho Night Pop Culture,

The Smappa! there you go!
Let's enjoy Shinjuku nite with them

This is BTS? NO Way !  WE'RE SMAPPA!

Hot shops,
Night view spots,
 Popular songs,
 Mega TOKYO Trends,too
even Dance Dance Dance!

Be coordinated the night of Shinjuku
Provided by Smappa! Group

kabukicho night life Experience Tour.

Please join us!

Will go on sale in 2019 Licensed Guide Volunteer Group is a tour guide organization of Nationally certified guides, and SmappaIGroup, which runs six male host clubs in Kabukicho, will release the world's first Kabukicho nightlife tour for international tourists.

We would like people all over the world to come to know the host club culture and service that has originated and continued to develop in Japan, and to enjoy these new entertainment spots.

Here in Japan, not just women, but also men from various industries visit these clubs as social gathering places for ladies and gentlemen to exchange ideas and relieve their stress.

Even if you have a dangerous impression of Kabukicho or host clubs,you do not have to worry about anything!

A certified tour guide will take you to the host club, where you can relax, and they will remove the language barrier problem.

Additionally, the guide will explain the history of Kabukicho and host clubs, and how to enioy these places.

Smappa! Group, which has the dual missions of "having first-class courtesy and manners" and "personal and mental development,' has set up a volunteer group, called Yacho-no-kai ("Night Bird Group ').

Hosts that work in Kabukicho have started to pick up trash to try to change the bad impression of hosts.

This is how Smappa! Group became known for host clubs where you can drink safely, even for the first time.